DIY kit, winter candle making set

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Does winter make you nostalgic?  

Does the frost on the windows make you want a little more comfort?  

Go get your big woolen stockings and discover this box perfectly designed for you. This activity will warm your heart, both during the realization and when you hear the crackle of the light of your candles.  

This box contains everything you need to make 2 candles with the smell of fireplace and fir tree. Made from soy wax with crackling wicks from FSC-certified wood, you can personalize your creations with the blue spruce needles included. A link to view step-by-step instructions is also included.  

All the materials used are reusable, recyclable, second-hand or natural.  

Contents of the Box:

  • 200 g of natural soy wax. 
  • 2 reusable glass jars. 
  • 2 scents (fireplace and Christmas tree).  
  • Blue spruce thorns to garnish. 
  • 2 crackling wicks of FSC certified wood. 
  • "I made this candle" labels to put on the lids so you can brag about your beautiful achievements. 
  • Accessories: metal wick holder , wooden stick & clothespins. 
  • QR link for tutorial video. 

About 30 mins 




About 20 hours.