DIY kit, Candle with natural clay making set

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Today is the day to get your hands dirty... ;) This moment designed especially for you represents the ideal opportunity to make the pots that will welcome the candles that you will have made yourself. 

This box contains the tools for making 1 to 2 red clay pots and the necessary to create 1 to 2 soy wax candles with crackling wicks from FSC certified wood. A link to view step-by-step instructions is also included.

All the materials used are reusable, recyclable, second-hand or natural.
    • 300g. natural soy wax.
    • 750g. of red natural clay.
    • 25 ml scented oil: honey, fig & ginger
    • 2 wicks of FSC certified wood.
    • Accessories for pottery, sandpaper, sponge.
    • Candle accessories: wick holder, clothespins, wooden stick, safety tags.
    • White acrylic marker pen.
    • Matt varnish, brush.
    • QR link for tutorial video.

90 minutes (clay pot) | 20 minutes (candle)


Beginner to intermediate