Ritual relaxation box for yourself

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Relaxation box for your daily well-being

Take a moment for yourself with our relaxation box . Perfect for a morning meditation, a reading break or a relaxing bath.

This box contains everything you need for your relaxation ritual: a stick of Palo Santo and white sage for the purification of energies, rose quartz for calm and inner peace, scented bath salts and a scented candle.

Natural source items may vary in size from photos due to their nature.

  • 120 g of floral bath salt made from Himalayan and Epson salt for maximum relaxation.
  • Wooden spoon for easy dosing of bath salt.
  • Ritual candle with the sweet scent of fig, honey and ginger, 4 oz for a soothing atmosphere.
  • Palo Santo stick for energetic purification.
  • Raw rose quartz to promote calm and inner peace.
  • Sage stick for additional purification.
  • Instructions for use to get the most out of your relaxation ritual.

Breathe, relax and enjoy this moment just for you with our relaxation box. Make it a daily ritual for your well-being!