Cozy essentials relaxation box

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Create your perfect moment of relaxation with brin brun

Lounging in bed... Watching your favorite series... Putting on a soft sweater and thick woolen stockings... Smelling the smell of coffee floating in the air... Do you like these little moments of relaxation as much as We?

At brin brun , we encourage local businesses! It is for this reason that we have selected products from local companies to allow you to create a perfect and relaxing break.

What our box contains:

Bottom of the Angelaine

A pair of stockings from l'Angélaine in Bécancour. Warm, soft on the skin, super absorbent and resistant for winter sports, they are made of kidmohair fibers produced by angora goats. This pair will quickly become your favorite!

Cafe Le Brûloir

Coffee roasted in Montreal by Le Brûloir. Anxious to offer the best flavor profiles, the team takes care to seek quality and values ​​respect for the production stages.

Handmade candle Brin Brun

An artisanal candle made in the brin brun workshop with the enveloping scent of coffee. It is poured into a ceramic cup that you can use later, as you wish.

Flask of craft matches

A bottle of handmade glass matches.